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The Center for Building Excellence works with forward-thinking builders like you to explore options and ideas and apply scientific analysis. Our experts help create homes that are safer, faster to build, more energy efficient, more durable, and more comfortable.

We work with home builders to develop a complete approach to building and construction, called BEYOND.High Performance®

Building science, building the future.

Improving the performance of construction projects throughout the built environment is the ongoing challenge facing the construction industry as a whole.

At BASF, we're working to help meet the challenge and create more sustainable communities that provide healthier, happier, and more comfortable environments.

Some examples of the work we've done in the residential sector include:

  • Partnered with national home builders and provided affordable pathways to net-zero capable homes
  • Engaged construction industry stakeholders to develop lighter, stronger, thinner, envelope systems resulting in increased efficiency
  • Created and delivered BEYOND.High Performance® regional educational events across the United States

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We work with builders to help them meet the needs of their home owners. We’re happy to discuss your challenges.

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